4th week, Cumbuco, Brazil

4th w. Cumbuco clouds


4th w. Cumbuco kiters


4th w. Cumbuco 5 kites


4th w. Cumbuco pros


4th w. Cumbuco kites


4th w. Cumbuco horizon



4th w. Cumbuco,sand dunes
Detail in the texture of a sand dune.


4th w. Cumbuco acerola
Acerola fruits , from the Amazon region, very rich in vitamin C, bought frozen at the local shop in Cumbuco.


4th w. Cumbuco chairs


4th w. Cumbuco couple


4th w. Cumbuco playing


4th w. Cumbuco looking


2 thoughts on “4th week, Cumbuco, Brazil

  1. Beautiful light .
    Cant fathom the apples…..what is the white on them?
    One gets the feel of your holiday but the apples have thrown me, what are they doing in this series?

    1. Hi Anne,
      Thanks for the comment. They are not apples but acerola fruit, which comes from the Amazon region, full of vitamin C, juice every morning. The white on the fruits is because they are still a bit frozen.
      Hope you are well. Love

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